Thursday, 28 February 2008

NOT BROKEN - Setting up

Today we began setting up for our first NIGHT AND DAY show featuring the Ceramic Department from Glasgow School of Art.

Things began to arrive...


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

2008 Diarys!

After a week we finally have our Studio camera in working order.

Behold! the last of our 2008 Diarys! Each cover is silkscreened on Washi paper.
30 were handbound in 3 styles by the wonderful Isabelle. Not many left!


Eric Ernest johnson - VPRS Q&A

Eric sent us over a short and amusing Q&A featured in Vapors this month, enjoy.


Monday, 25 February 2008

Glasgow School of Art - NOT BROKEN...

Our First NIGHT AND DAY Project will be in support against the closure of the Glasgow School of Art Ceramic's Department.

Student Ester Svensson will be Co-Curating the exhibit and has been heading the fight against the closure.

"The Head of Design at Glasgow School of Art, has recommended that no new undergraduates will be accepted for both the full and part-time Ceramic degree courses, which will therefore result in the end of undergraduate ceramic education in Scotland. This decision, taken in haste without any staff or student consultation will have major implications for Scottish design, culture and tourism. As ceramic students of GSA, we feel passionately that there is a promising future for ceramics in Scotland and are disappointed that GSA lacks the vision and courage to support a profitable and innovative element of the design school".

You can support this cause by signing the online petition.

The Exhibition opens this Friday - 29th Feb at 5pm and will run until Sunday 2nd March.


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

EEJ - Special Viewing times

As the 26th marks the end of Monsters In the Garden, Isabelle and i thought it would be great if we had another special viewing for Eric's fantastic work. Due to demand we will be available for Q&A about the current exhibition and other upcoming events such as NIGHT AND DAY.

Thursday 3pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm


Sunday, 17 February 2008


Pictures from the opening night of Eric's first UK Solo Show "MONSTERS IN THE GARDEN".
What a fantastic night, thanks to everyone who helped bring it together espcially Eric and Margaret.

The man himself.

"Cerrus" and "Flower"

"Building the Museum", "Catapillar" and "Power Plant".

Close up of "Babel".

Mobile Installation.

Thanks again to Eric and Margaret.


O&L Special Edition EEJ Books

Presenting some very special edition O&L Books with Eric Ernest johnson's Bumba Illustration Screen printed on the front. Eric has also signed each copy and if you are lucky he might even do a wee doodle for you.

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Building the show

Below we have some shots of Eric hard at work building the show. The adventures to be had when trying to buy wood, something to cut it with.......and a staple gun.


Flyers - Bumba screen print

Some shots of our hand printed flyers handed out this week. Silk Screened on a luggage tags and think cartidge paper in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Looked great.