Thursday, 12 June 2008

Artists Books

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Representing artists from around the world and the UK, we have put together a unique showcase of Artist Books which not only celebrate the 'Art of the Book' in its various shapes and forms but also to reveal a fascinating world of fine craftsmanship.
Each piece tells a personal story, by integrating the idea of the book into a wider, more artistic framework. This is reflected by the use of various bookbinding techniques and mediums.

The OWL & LION is proud to introduce a new idea of how we experience and view The Book. By transcending traditional perceptions, 'Artist Books' reveals an alternative, exciting new world of Art and Book in which both concepts mutually enrich and reinforce each other and their messages.

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Night & Day - SPINE

Our Upcoming Exhibition entitled SPINE, showcases Artist Books created by second year Drawing and Painting students at the Edinburgh College of Art.
This three day event is one of the monthly Night and Day Student Exhibitions at the OWL & LION which aims at offering students a unique opportunity to showcase their work and to gain valuable experience in curating their own exhibition.

Opening : Monday 16th June, 6-8pm
Running until : Wednesday 18th June
General Opening hours: 11am - 6pm

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Gosling

Stuart Kolakovic sent us a little house which stores his new zine 'A Gosling'. For a two mere coins you can get your grubby hands on this, and experience the child like wonderment of it popping out a wee house!

Inextinguishable Show

Pictures of our exhibition launching a volume of poems by the Scottish poet James W. Wood, published by Knucker Press, and launched in conjunction with other works by small press and self-publishers.

Featuring the launch of Caroline Cloughley's Jewellery Collection 'Beautiful Nightmares'

'Inextinguishable', is also an exhibition of work celebrating a diverse range of responses to poetry by young illustrators and artists from the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). Runs until 15th June.

Star Struck Opening Night

Big thanks to everyone who helped out for this show, our most organised one yet!
More images available through our Flickr site.

N&D Setup

We've been busy updating our blog with all the great shows that have been happening over the last month. Below are a few images of the third Night & Day student show titled: Star Struck.