Thursday, 12 June 2008

Artists Books

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Representing artists from around the world and the UK, we have put together a unique showcase of Artist Books which not only celebrate the 'Art of the Book' in its various shapes and forms but also to reveal a fascinating world of fine craftsmanship.
Each piece tells a personal story, by integrating the idea of the book into a wider, more artistic framework. This is reflected by the use of various bookbinding techniques and mediums.

The OWL & LION is proud to introduce a new idea of how we experience and view The Book. By transcending traditional perceptions, 'Artist Books' reveals an alternative, exciting new world of Art and Book in which both concepts mutually enrich and reinforce each other and their messages.

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Anonymous Guy Christopher Carter said...

How wonderful it would be were this exhibition travel to some of the world's great rare books libraries, e.g., the Humanities Research Center (a.k.a. 'Harry Ransom Center') at the University of Texas at Austin.

13 June 2008 at 01:43  

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